Ask the Media Advertising Expert – Tim Weinberger

Ask the Media Advertising Expert – Tim Weinberger Every month the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group sends a e-business news letter to all our clients and interested business’s in and around Medicine Hat – here is a sample of simple easy to read tips on all aspects of business ……feel free to call us to get […]

Ask the Media Advertising Expert – Tim Weinburger

The No-Nonsense Guide To Successful Business Networking Going into a new year most of us look at a list of self improvement areas, most of us deal with healthy changes in lifestyle that we all know are good to focus on , but what about your business health ? Business networking is corner stone of […]

Ask the Website Development Expert – Mike Wuchterl

BENEFITS OF A BUSINESS GOOGLE +! Keeping up-to-date on the latest opportunities and trends, especially with social media, is imperative to your business’ success. Sure, Google+ may not have the following right now of Facebook but it’s better to hop on the bandwagon while it’s only slightly full than be left chasing your competition. Not […]

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