Ask the Yoga Expert – Kelda Anderson


Yoga Studio Etiquette

If you have ever been to our studio you may have noticed one of our `Yoga Etiquette` signs. You may also be wondering why we have them; it’s yoga, isn`t it supposed to be free spirited and easy going? What’s with all the rules? Allow me to explain the logic behind each of these points.

  • Practice silence in the studio: In India where yoga originates from, there are sacred Temples where people go to pray, chant, worship, and find peace. There are a number of rules in these Temples ranging from removing shoes to keeping the hands folded while inside. Silence is the common rule among these, giving the visitor an opportunity to reflect. In this same way we have created a sacred space for you, our visitor to reflect and find peace.
  • Absolutely NO cellphones in the yoga studio: Picture it, a quiet studio with dim lights. The instructor has just brought you into savasana. You’re starting to relax, your mind stops spinning. And then it happens, that unique sound of a text message being sent goes off and in an instant you are awakened and annoyed and everyone in the room is distracted as someone scrambles to turn their phone to silent feeling embarrassed and guilty. Don’t let that person be you, keep your cellphone outside the studio.
  • Show up at least 15 minutes early to class so class can start on time: There often many classes in a day using the same studio sometimes back to back. If one class starts late, it creates a domino effect for the rest. As well, everyone has a schedule: babysitters waiting for parents to come home on time, dinner to be made, work to get to and no one wants to be late.
  • Leave all personal items in the change rooms, blocks, straps and water should be placed at the top of your mat off to the side: If the studio is small or there are many students in a class, the room can get crowded in a hurry. Leaving extra items outside will give you optimum amount of space to stretch and move, and not feel claustrophobic. It also gives the instructor more room to adjust and correct if needed.
  • Please refrain from wearing strong perfumes/cologne: Many people have sensitivities and/or allergies to strong scents and can have severe reactions. No one should ever feel they cannot attend a yoga class, so please, keep the smelly stuff for date night.

Hopefully this has given you some valuable insight as to why the studio has “rules”. We love to have you in class just please be respectful to everyone while you’re here!