Ask the Modular Homes Expert – Cameron Tarnow


Did You Know?

Alberta is 3rd amongst all the Canadian Provinces for Manufactured Homes or Modular Homes. Alberta Registered 16.6% of all new residential construction as a Manufactured Home or a Modular Home.

Modular or Manufactured Homes are a lot more cost effective as well as Green for the environment, economical and so much more.

With Modular homes so much more prevalent in today’s housing market, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a better built home that is not subjected to all the weather that site builders have to tend with.

We can build offices, motel’s, single family homes, multi Family homes and camp shacks just to name a few. Why don’t you come see what we can do for your family or business?

Here at Classic Modular Homes, we pride ourselves in giving you the best built home with all the necessary things your family or business need at the best price possible, without sacrificing our commitment to service.

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