Ask the Funerals Expert – Tina Wolfe


Why A Monument?

Monuments serve several important purposes. First, the personal design of a monument we choose of the loved one, the purchase, and the erection assist the survivors in overcoming their grief and getting through the difficult transition period in which families or friends adjust to the loss of a loved one.

Another purpose of a monument is one that serves a function that is far reaching. Monuments and cemeteries serve as the primary visible link between the past, present and future. They are practically the only artifacts that survive for generations outside of a museum. They are a vital part of our culture and heritage and serve as fundamental reminders of who we are and where we originate from.

In regards to those who prefer scattering of their cremated remains – Experts® in the area of grief strongly advise even for those who are considering scattering, to have a monument installed as way to permanetly memorilization of the loved one, a place for surviving loved ones to visit, a place to indicate a life was lived.

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