Ask the Fine Dining, Hooka and Dancing Expert – John Odisho


Belly dancing and DJ

Belly dancing is a little bit misnamed because, as every part of the body is involved in the dance; the most featured body part is usually the hips. Belly dance in the Middle East has two distinct social contexts: as a folk or social dance, and as a performance art. We at Babylon Tower, focus on the latter.

Offered on Fridays at our restaurant, we have an excellent belly dancing show featuring Oksana.

She charms the audience with her brisk movement, very colourful costume and variety of dances, and every time, our guests would whoop and whistle. (I learned it was very acceptable to do so), She would also bring one guest to dance with her……just beautiful. I said offered on Fridays, because now she is doing so on Thursdays.

On Friday and Saturday, we are now hosting a DJ from flip entertainment. With American and Latino music, he brings a little something more to our guests, some dance, some just moves in their chair. Basically everybody quite enjoys the music… some of it old school and some very recent successes.

I would encourage people to come and encourage those entertainers to perform their arts. Come and try our hookah, exquisite dishes and performers.