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Why is Better Sleep Important?

A lack of sleep is responsible for a myriad of health related problems including weight gain. Many people make a commitment to weight loss, diet, exercise and generally improving their lifestyle but don’t specifically plan how to achieve their goals. Learn more about the concept of sleep hygiene and how to improve your habits, as well as whether you should shop for a new mattress, and how this can help you achieve your goals throughout the new year.

Good Sleep Hygiene Leads to Better Sleep

Sleep hygiene isn’t whether you bathe before bed, but rather refers to the process of sleep and practices which will enhance the quality of rest you receive. If you have difficulty falling or staying asleep throughout the night, give the following ideas a try.

  • Avoid lights in the bedroom from all sources, including nightlights and exterior sources. Consider light blocking shades and drapes for the bedroom.
  • Computers and televisions increase brain activity so turn them off at least an hour before climbing into bed if you have difficulty falling asleep. Most sleep professionals recommend having no televisions in the bedroom to limit distractions.
  • Make certain your bed and bedding are in excellent condition and provide the comfort you need for a good night’s rest. Bedding made with natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and wool (as opposed to polyester, nylon, microfiber, etc) provide a healthier, cooler sleep environment. A zippered mattress protector will safeguard your mattress from spills and stains, and sleep disrupting allergens like dust mites, molds, and dander.
  • Evaluate your current bed and see whether you should buy a new mattress. If your current mattress is more than 7 years old or showing signs of sagging it may be disrupting the quality of sleep you receive or lacking in support.
  • If your mattress is too firm but otherwise in good condition, consider a low- or no-VOC memory foam or latex mattress topper to provide pressure point relief.

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