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Ask the Kitchen and Bath Experts – Shelley Colleaux

Maax  Style Inspirations

Maax offers leading edge design for bathroom tub and shower products.   This includes budget friendly fiberglass tub and shower units to high quality acrylic tubs and showers.   Using the vast selection of products from Maax available at Kitchen & Bath Classics you can meet with one of our Expert® staff and they will help you choose the perfect tub or shower to fit in your home.

If you want the look of tile without the labour involved, Maax Utile is a new polymer innovation available at Kitchen & Bath Classics and offers an easy installation with many configurations of design.   The walls and bases have beautiful designs printed on them with a rough or smooth finish to mimic the look of tile or stone with a quick installation.   The walls and base are easy to clean and grout free.   The walls are ordered with a base to create a shower unit in sizes varying from 48-60 for width.   The Maax Rubix tub and the Exhibit tub both work with the Utile and combine to create an easy clean tub and shower combination.   You can pick from many different wall designs and mix and match them to create a customizable look.   Some of the patterns include Factory, Marble, Erosion, and wall paper designs like Hexa and Funky for the showers and Organik and Marble for the tub otions.   These wall designs are simple to complex, and modern to more traditional.   There is a beautiful glass shelf that comes with the Utile choice and then you can add more corner shelving if needed.   There is also an option to add grab bars; you just need to reinforce the wall from behind to support them.   The Utile shower layouts are available in a corner or alcove style.   The doors available are the Reveal, Halo and Modular offering up several finishes for framing with a clear glass to show off your spectacular wall design choices.   Some of the designs for patterns include Hexa Wallpaper, Erosion, Factory, Marble and Organik.    Utile goes right up against the studs and under your drywall creating a strong and beautiful shower, once assembled.

Maax also makes the ModulR combo series with separate tub and shower units placed beside each other for a built in look.   One of the layout options includes a linear design with the tub at one end and the shower at the other in a straight line.   You can also order it as an Angular configuration with the shower on one wall and the tub up against it on the side wall, creating an “L” shape.   The Combo compact configuration also has an “L” shape design with a slightly different layout.   A forth option is the Wet room configuration with the tub first along the wall, and the shower in front of it, so you step through it to get to the tub.   With these Maax ModulR options you would need to finish the walls with tile or stone.

Maax has premier acrylic tubs and showers in 1pc units and sectional units, drop-in, freestanding and alcove tubs to fit every design layout. Come and visit with our Kitchen & Bath design Experts® to explore the perfect tub or shower for your home whether renovating or building a new home.  There are colours available on some of the freestanding tubs as an accent, giving an interesting look. The Maax Optik freestanding tub comes with a skirt available in white, glacial blue, pink martini, thunder grey, sterling silver and black. The Maax Sax freestanding tub offers a skirt available in white, platinum grey, aqua and ruby.    Come and visit our showroom to see the various tub and shower options we have available and try out a tub by sitting in it to ensure we have the right size and design for you.

There are many systems available on the tubs such as hydromax, aerofeel and a combination of the two.   If you prefer, all tubs are available in soaker only with no system.

You’re invited into our interactive showroom and enticed to begin your journey towards your dream bathroom using our Maax products and consulting with our Expert® staff at Kitchen & Bath Classics.