Ask the Debt Management Expert – Krista Asher

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Ask the Debt Management Expert – Krista Asher

Christmas is right around the corner; in fact, it is only one or two pay cheques away for most people and that’s how some plan for the BIG day – they consider their pay periods.

Don’t be surprised, a lot of people here in Medicine Hat are managing their financial affairs this way and not just during the holidays. On the positive side, this can be considered a really great thing because after all, that is what budgeting is all about, planning for the future.

A number of the people that we meet with have trouble with budgeting; they are always reacting to their current situation rather than planning for the next one. While this is very normal, it is also very stressful too. If you or someone you care about is having trouble with their budgeting, know that there is local service available right here in your community at Bromwich & Smith.

Our counselors will help you to better understand your income and expenses, but more importantly they will assist you in creating a budget that plans for the unexpected expenses of the future (whether those expenses are snow tires, a new furnace, home repairs or even Christmas gifts). Life happens, so it is best to develop a spending plan and be prepared for it!

Of course even the best budget planner in the world can’t help if the income isn’t enough to pay the monthly bills; but this is where our counselors really shine! They are able to facilitate the filing of a settlement that will bind all of your creditors with a single affordable monthly payment. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is true: it’s called a Consumer Proposal and we have been assisting the good people of Medicine Hat file these proposals for years and years!

If you are living pay cheque to pay cheque and don’t have a plan for the future, talk to one of our counselors for direction on creating a solid, workable budget and find out if a Consumer Proposal is right for you.

Happy Holidays from all of our counselors here at Bromwich & Smith!