Ask the Transmission and Technology Expert – Tim Bellamy

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Ask the Transmission and Technology Expert – Tim Bellamy

Transmission issues often pop up without much warning and can be both an inconvenience and potentially costly. Mister Transmission Red Deer prides themselves in offering their clients options!! Starting with a Free Multi-Check and road test, they are The Experts® in all brands of transmission and driveline repairs and maintenance.

As a national brand, Mister Transmission Red Deer is the only transmission repair center in Alberta that offers our unparalleled warranty, service and advice. Since 1963 Mister Transmission has been keeping Canadians driving from coast to coast.

Tim Bellamy, owner of Mister Transmission Red Deer, has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. He brings a fresh new attitude to the transmission repair business in Red Deer having relocated to the area in 2012. With the help of his very experienced staff who have a keen eye for detail, he takes pride in treating everyone’s vehicle as if it were his own. According to the hundreds of reviews on and Google, they are knocking it out of the park every time!

“We have found that our Free Multi Check has been key to helping our friends and neighbours save money by identifying the cause of the concern and looking for cost effective solutions to their problems” says Tim. “If we find there is a quick and inexpensive fix, we like to take care of it right away before it makes things worse. If we find there is a more serious issue, we identify exactly what the cause is before anyone invests any money into their vehicle.”

From time to time, in spite of the options, the cost of repairing an old vehicle exceeds the value customers have in mind for a budget. In these cases, Tim Bellamy has options as well including Tim’s Cancer Cars where he arranges to have the vehicle disposed of and any funds are funneled directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in support of the annual CIBC Run for the Cure.

This straight up approach, and genuine interest in making things right and generous nature has been the key to Mister Transmission’s growing success in the community and we look forward to serving you for years to come!