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Ask the Funeral Expert – Roger Sept

Alberta Seniors Benefit Program

  • Alberta Seniors Benefit program is based on eligibility and income. It is in addition to the federal benefits received under the Old Age Security, guaranteed Income Supplement, Federal Allowance and GST.
  • Eligibility: 65 years of age or older, resident of Alberta for at least 3 months before applying, Canadian citizen or landed or sponsored immigrants, income level within the limits allowed by the program.
  • 4 Factors determine amount of benefit: type of accommodation in which the applicant resides, marital/co-habitation status, income, and eligibility for the Federal Old Age Security Pension.

In general a single senior with annual income of $25,100 or less and senior couples with combined annual income of $40,800 or less are eligible.  A surviving spouse ONLY can apply for the $1,200 one-time payment providing his/her income is less than $25,100.

  • These income levels are GUIDELINES ONLY and are for seniors whose income includes full Old Age Security pension. For additional information call: