Ask the Beds Expert – Michael Gakan


Ask the Beds Expert – Michael Gakan

Comparison shopping for mattresses

Most mattress retailers offer products and brands exclusive to their store, so you’re not likely to find the same mattress models at every location. Regardless, you can comparison shop your mattress using some of these trusted tips:

See what’s inside. Ask the salesperson if they can show you illustrated or actual cutaways of the interior of the different mattress and foundation choices.

Consider service. Compare store services such as delivery, financing and removal of your old mattress.

Beware the bargain. Consider the cost-per-day value of a mattress (you should be on it eight hours per day!) and buy the best you can afford.

Shop for the best value, not the lowest price. Good deals are out there, but there is a direct relationship in the price of a mattress to the quality of it, so shop around and find the best quality sleep set that makes sense for you.


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