Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

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Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

This week, in “The Roof Riders Corner” we will be discussing the appropriate use of Ice and Water Shield.

What is Ice and Water Shield?

Ice and Water Shield is a roofing underlayment consisting of a rubberized membrane that has an adhesive backing. It is used to protect your roof from snow build up and ice dams on the eaves. It can also be used in areas that are susceptible to leaks such as flat spots, chimneys and certain valleys.

Ice and Water Shield is a beneficial product for many roofs, but how do you know whether or not you need it?  

I bring up this question because I see a lot of contractors using it in places that really don’t need it.

Now ask yourself, “Why would my contractor or roofer install a product that I might not need?”

This is why:

  1. You are going to put more money in their pocket at the
    end of the day.
  2. Their shinglers don’t know how to properly shingle a
    valley, skylight, or chimney. So, because of improper
    shingle installation, when the roof leaks this membrane
    will protect your roof deck.

Believe me when I tell you, I see more poorly shingled houses than I do good ones.

To make an informed decision when choosing a contractor

Talk to and get estimates from a few companies. Their estimates should all be similar in comparison as to what they recommend for your house. In addition, it is extremely important to know who is actually going to be doing the work.

For an honest and reliable assessment of your home; contact The Roof Rider, a name you can trust!