Ask the Disability Services Expert – Brandon Thomas

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Ask the Disability Services Expert – Brandon Thomas

September can be a difficult time of the year for some children as they transition from being active and playing outside all summer, to sitting in school at a desk all day. Children are sedentary as much as 80%-90% of their school day, which can greatly impact their health and attention

With attention disorders such as ADHD on the rise, it is often up to you as the parent, to appropriately advocate for your child to set them up for optimal success in the classroom. If your child falls under this category, set up a meeting with the teacher to discuss options that can greatly increase your child’s learning.

Studies have shown that when children have something to fidget with appropriately in class, their attention can improve dramatically. Items such as “wikki stix”, “worry beads” or “squishy squeeze balls” can be attached to their desk.

Ask about the option of letting your child stand while in class. (Check out a classroom in California where parents advocated for their children’s school to implement standing desks into the classroom for each child)

Other available options for your wiggly kid is to sit on large exercise balls where they have the opportunity to bounce while learning, which actually can improve their focus.

Ask your child’s teacher to provide frequent breaks for your child to stand or walk around.

At home during homework time, allow your child to pace, learn their times tables standing up or upside down on their heads!  Allow frequent movement breaks to do gross motor activities such as  jumping jacks, wall push-ups, dancing etc. & then have them go back to complete assignments. Be creative and allow for their needs!

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