Ask the Carbon Fiber Flooring Expert – Tim Delaney

Ask the Carbon Fiber Flooring Expert – Tim Delaney 

I hope everyone is enjoying the remaining warm weather! Winter will soon have us in its grips, and I don’t think anyone wants to be the cause of someone slipping and falling on our front walks or driveways. Salt and sand used to be our only safeguard until now!

Cement Accent and our patented process of infusing mini granite and 10% rubber into carbon fiber resin close to eliminates any chance of slippage. You can still apply salt and sand.

Imagine you can have a safe affordable exterior/interior walkway or driveway makeover with carbon fiber resin and granite, that has the look and feel of quality and elegance.

Most lawsuits and accidents are avoidable. Welcome your guests with carbon fiber flooring and the anti slip of granite and rubber.

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