Ask the Windshield Repair Expert – Brian Martens

windshield repair expert

Ask the Windshield Repair Expert – Brian Martens

What will it cost?

Getting a ding or chip repaired is often much more affordable than people think. If your auto insurance includes glass coverage, the repair could be free.

The cost of a replacement will largely depend on the type of windshield your vehicle requires. Since there are many different vehicles driven on Canadian roads, the range of costs can be wide-ranging.

All you need to do is give your us a quick call. Once we know your vehicle’s make, model and year, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate quickly and easily.

How Long will it take?

When you replace your windshield, we need to give our adhesives adequate time to sufficiently cure. This gives your new windshield the strength and stability to perform its important role in the safety system of your car. On average, this means a 60-minute wait time after a windshield replacement.

Most windshield replacements can be completed within two to four hours.

Ask any of our Experts®about why these Minimum Drive Away Times are an important part of any windshield replacement or repair we perform.

*Times will vary by vehicle and conditions.