Ask the Media Advertising Expert – Tim Weinberger

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Ask the Media Advertising Expert – Tim Weinberger

Recently CHAT television was awarded the “Best small market newscast in Canada “, RTDNA for the second year in a row! TV News is still the strongest Mediums for reaching consumers with timely, accurate, breaking news….whether across the country or across town. For that reason I thought I’d share a recent article from TVB – Television Bureau of Canada, to discuss why many marketers continue to use Television as their primary source of advertising.  CHAT Television  continues to strive to deliver top quality News and entertainment programming to the viewers of South eastern Alberta, it’s quite likely those viewers are your customers! Proper planning and Targeting can reach specific segments of the market at a lot less cost than you might think. The article below outlines the advantages of Television advertising, working with a qualified Television Account manager can make that process simple. If you’re interested in growing your business through the power of Television we’d love to talk to you, please call me directly at Broadcast house

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Their Medium Of Choice

If you’re An Advertiser, And Would like to Grow Your Business Here’s a Great Article from the Television Bureau of Canada

Television reaches virtually every home in Canada. Television offers the greatest range of advertising qualities. It is set apart from the competing media by its ability to offer sight, sound and motion to generate an emotional response. More specifically, advertisers choose television because of the following:

Brand Image: The power of television advertising can be used creatively by advertisers to differentiate them from the competition and develop a unique persona that implies credibility, quality and service. By using the qualities of television (sight, sound and motion) advertisers can generate a level of trust, emotion and excitement that cannot be created as well through the use of any other medium. This can help to create a long lasting and memorable brand and corporate image.

Consumers’ Perceptions: Canadians enjoy television. The average Canadian Adult Aged 18+ spends 29.5 hours per week watching television (Source: BBM Canada 2014). According to 2014 BBM Analytics OmniVU survey, television continues to be Canadians’ most influential form of advertising. The study also confirms that traditional advertising -including television – is seen at the most engaging medium over other major media.

Cost: Many advertisers have the perception that television commercial production costs prohibit their use of the medium. While commercials can be expensive, smaller advertisers with limited budgets can also undertake successful productions. A big idea, with, focus and clarity of message can make the advertiser a winner in consumers’ minds despite a very small production budget.

Demonstration Capabilities: The ability to show products in action can easily introduce new products to consumers.

Person-to-Person Communication: Ideal person-to-person communication is achieved through a combination of both the spoken word and unspoken elements such as body language and gestures. With both visual and sound capabilities, television comes closer than any other medium to offering the ideal person-to-person communications.

Retention: People learn through their senses. By stimulating more senses, the message is more likely to be noticed and learned. Television appeals to the sight and sound senses. The combined power of sight, sound, motion and emotion create a synergistic effect that is more effective than when individual senses are stimulated.


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