Ask the Flooring, Interior Design & More Expert – Paul & Sarah Shakespeare


Ask the Flooring, Interior Design & More Expert – Paul & Sarah Shakespeare

Hello everyone! We hope that you are enjoying the summer so far and hope you’re finding time to enjoy the outdoors! We have lots going on indoors at Paul’s Floors as we come close to finishing our renovation. We are excited at the changes and and are happy to offer the products and services that we have brought to you for the past 15 years! We are going to take this opportunity to remind you of all the great things we offer here at PF:

Window coverings, high quality rugs, decor, artwork, custom cabinetry,  duradek and of course, quality flooring.

We have put together a list of the available floors and the advantages and beauty of each type of floor. With the extra information in hand, we hope that it will help you decide which flooring is best for you!

Hardwood – creates a warm, natural atmosphere and never goes out of fashion. There’s various colours to choose from to suit every interior. It’s also available in different finishes. It  comes in different board sizes so the you can create different customized looks. It’s more comfortable than hard surfaces on the back and legs. It’s a great choice when trying to create visual room to room continuity for homes with open floor plans.

Porcelain Tiles – a huge selection of colours are available, in different sizes and styles . It’s very durable and requires low maintenance.  It’s stronger than ceramic and it has the look of stone at a reasonable price.

Laminate – there are so many colours and styles available.  You are able to choose from a wood, stone or tile look.  Laminate can resist stains, scratches, dents. So it’s great for children and pets. The new laminate available looks so much like real wood that its hard to see the difference. Good quality Laminate can last for 20 years! It comes as planks or tiles and can be installed over old existing flooring without nails or glue.

Engineered Wood – It’s an alternative to hardwood and laminate. It’s produced by adhering sheets of real wood to a composite surface. It’s sold pre-finished. A great advantage is that it does not expand or contract with temperature changes. It’s can be glued or clicked into place over concrete or underlay. Engineered wood is a good choice for kitchens and basements as well as for installation over in floor heating systems.

Cork – it’s available in either tiles or interlocking planks to make a floating floor. There are a good selection of colours and styles therefore allowing you to create an original, creative design. It has many advantages including being warm and inviting on bare feet. It’s hypoallergenic and mildew and dent resistant.  It is either glued down or installed as a floating floor.

Natural Stone – popular choices are slate,marble and limestone. Tumbled (travertine) marble is highly durable. Natural stones must be sealed so that they resist moisture and  staining.

Carpet -It’s one of the most versatile of all flooring options, featuring more colours and textures than any other types of flooring. Wool carpeting is the standard of quality.  It’s durable and resistant to moisture and stains. It has an exceptional feel against hands and bare feet. With the exception of wool, most carpets are made of synthetic fibers. Various types include the following Nylon is extremely strong and resistant to wear. Acrylic is similar to wool. It resists wear, crushing and mildew. Polyester produces bright colours and it is highly resistant to moisture. Polypropylene olefin is used for indoor and outdoor carpeting. It very resistant to stains, moisture and mildew.

Fiber Floor – It’s beautiful and practical and is available in lots of colours and styles. It’s resilient against water, moisture, scuffs, scratches and indentations. It’s asthma and allergy friendly and is a great alternative to linoleum. It’s warm and comfortable under foot and is extremely easy to clean.

Vinyl Plank/Tile  – This type of flooring has become very popular over the last few years. It’s durability and great resemblance to wood and tile is unbelievable and customers love it! There are numerous colours and styles available and will suit both modern and traditional homes. The vinyl plank and tile  is also available in different textures so it looks extremely high end in homes. The great advantage of Vinyl flooring is that it can be installed anywhere…including basements.


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