Ask the Central Vacs, Blinds & More Expert – Glenn Coffin

Ask the Central Vacs, Blinds & More Expert – Glenn Coffin

At Cyclonic Vacs, Blinds & More we carryproducts that serve both as decorativeaccents as well as functional windowcoverings. Among the products we offer are:

  • Custom shades and blinds
  • Interior shutters
  • Roll shutters
  • Roll screens perfect for decks and garagedoors
  • Motorization available
  • Professional installation

Cited for our high-quality and affordableprices, we distribute products from industryleaders such as Graber Window Coverings,Shade-o-matic, Hunter Douglas, Blinds byVertican, Talius, and Maxxmar. For an inhomeconsultation, please contact us for anappointment.

Ask the Specialty Pharmacy Expert – Melanie Warren

Do you have poor circulation in your feet or hands? Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?

-Back pain

-Cold Feet or Hands

-Joint or Leg pain

-Mobility and Inactivity

-Muscle Injuries or Pain

-Restless Leg Syndrome

-Stress and Tension

-Swelling or Fluid Retention

Your legs contain muscle driven pumps that work by circulating your blood and lymphatic fluid each time they contract. When your leg health is poor due to age or illness, or if you are unable to effectively maintain your legs due to weakness or pain, it is important to maintain healthy blood flow to the extremities by facilitating this action through stimulation. The Circulation Booster is one way to stimulate this blood flow.

This home device has been designed to be easy and simple to use. Just by placing your feet onto the foot pads and selecting your settings. You are putting these muscle pumps into action!

How does The Circulation Booster work? It works by applying mild electrical muscle stimulation to your feet to activate your “muscle pump” system. The muscles actively and immediately move the blood back up through your legs, improving your blood flow and reducing fluid retention around the ankle. Through experiments using a dopler ultrasound it has been demonstrated that the increase of blood flow is “boosted” during use.

When you use the circulation booster some of the results you may see are reduced foot and ankle swelling and an increase in blood flow while reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots). As well, many people notice a reduction in pain associated with neuropathy, arthritis and other circulatory disorders.

With regular use of The Circulation Booster a significant improvement in blood circulation and a reduction in swelling can be noticed within 4 weeks.

The Circulation Booster is now available at Millerdale Pharmacy.

By Melanie Warren R.M.T. M.L.D

Lymph Compression/Burn garment

Soft Goods Orthotics, Prostheses Fitter