Ask the Furniture Expert – Mike Turner


Ask the Furniture Expert – Mike Turner

Top Load vs Front Load Washers…Pro & Cons

Conventional Top Load Pros

  • Cost, top load wins hands down.
  • Being able to add a garment during wash cycle.
  • Uncomplicated control panel.
  • Not having to bend down load & unload.
  • Shorter wash cycle.
  • Can use conventional detergents, but can use HE detergents in small amounts.

Conventional Top Load Cons

  • Cannot be stacked.
  • Do not clean as well.
  • Require more water to cover all clothes in drum.
  • Lower spin rpm, requiring more drying time.
  • Smaller drum capacity due to agitator, which is harsher on clothing.
  • Has higher cost of operation.

Front Load Pros

  • Larger capacity.
  • Can be stacked in smaller areas
  • Uses less water (40 gallons for top load vs 10-18 gallons).
  • Uses half the electricity.
  • Gentler on clothes.
  • With added steam cycle & water heater, kills 99.9% Of germs & bacteria.
  • Higher spin cycle (1100-1400 rpm), less drying time.
  • Up front electronic touch controls

Front Load Cons

  • Water build up on door gasket can cause mildew, must be wiped down after each use.
  • Should be cleaned once a month.
  • Bending down to load & unload washer (or dryer), optional pedestals are available at extra cost.
  • Garments cannot be added after door is locked.