Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From


Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From

It’s not Garbage

My wife and I recently visited a friend.  She served us tea in a beautiful teapot.  I was sure it had cost a great deal of money.  As she began to tell us the story of where the teapot came from, she cautiously mentioned that she was unsure if she should tell us its history.

She had found it in a dumpster.  It was filthy and stained.  Upon finding the lid, she cleaned it up with no little amount of effort.  Sterilized with bleach and cleaned in and out, it was ready for use.

As we continued to drink her tea, I was not dissuaded in the least.

The beautiful teapot had been sterilized and I wouldn’t let its dark history stop me from enjoying my tea.

Too many times, we allow bad histories to tamper with our enjoyment of the present.  Even after people have cleaned up their lives, it can be too easy to judge them by their past.  We must not assume that everything that’s not clean is garbage.  Not every dreary situation is a throw-away event.  Many times there is something salvageable-a miracle can emerge from a mess!

A precious treasure disguised in a layer of dirt and decay ought not to be written off as trash.  It may just need some effort to make it shine again.

Friday June 26

I invite you to join us as we host Mark Condon in concert.  He will be speaking on Sunday as well.