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Ask the Interior Design Expert – Carpet One

Advantages of Tigressá™ H2O carpet:There’s nothing like the mad dash to the kitchen to grab something, anything, to clean up when there’s an accident on your carpet. From kids to pets to a poorly placed cup of coffee, life can be tough on your floors. We’re excited about the new waterproof Tigressa H2O carpets! Easy to clean and exceptionally durable, with backing that will prevent liquids from leaking through to your subfloor, Tigressa H20 is carpet built for the world you live in.

  • Waterproof

Will not soak through to the cushion or floor beneath – NO STAINS, NO WORRIES

  • Kid/Pet/Party Proof

Easy to clean and won’t retain pet or smoke odors after cleaning

  • Durable

Easy to clean and exceptionally durable. If you miss the spill the first time, you can still clean it completely!

  • Gold and Platinum Level

Both feature life-of-the-floor guarantee for installation and stain resistance.

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