Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

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Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

A roofing contractor’s job entails a lot more than just  slapping on some shingles  and calling it good. There are many aspects of  the job that you may not even know about.

Underlayment for example, what is the best? Do you need full underlayment or just the eaves covered? What are the different types of membranes and when do I need to use them?

There are many other areas in which we need to be knowledgeable.

We have electrical knowledge which is required when dealing with powered roof vents.

Plumbing and heating knowledge is required when dealing with old or improperly installed stacks or chimney vents.

We also have to have knowledge in insulation and proper roof ventilation.

Carpentry is essential when doing repairs or re sheathing the roof. Or knowledge of masonry and parging when re flashing an old chimney or a wall that was never flashed properly from the get go.

These are just a few of the hats we get to wear on a daily basis. Thats why hiring a reputable, qualified Expert® will save you possible headache and hassle from the start to finish.