Ask the Website Development Expert – Mike Wuchterl


Ask the Website Development Expert – Mike Wuchterl


Keeping up-to-date on the latest opportunities and trends, especially with social media, is imperative to your business’ success. Sure, Google+ may not have the following right now of Facebook but it’s better to hop on the bandwagon while it’s only slightly full than be left chasing your competition. Not to mention the synergistic effect of SEO and social media. Surely, Google+ will reap some great SEO benefits and visibility with its creator being Google.

So, while you may be thinking:

  • I’m already on Facebook, my social media is covered.
  • I have enough web presence, I’m good.
  • My customers don’t look for me online.
  • I don’t believe in social media.

I’m going to have to say – hands down – you’re wrong. When it comes to social media and dominating with web presence, you’ll probably never be 100% covered but we can sure close the gap between 10% and 100%. Google Plus for business is way great way to make a leaping stride.


  • Your customers and potential customers are already on there. As a business you may not believe in it, but they sure do and that’s where they are spending their time. Talk to them. Engage with them and present value to them providing an opportunity to create business.
  • Less users = less competition. As alluded to in the bandwagon there is always going to be option to provide clarity to your consumers through this market. Doing so means that the least of amount of consumers as well as other direct forms of competition will allow you to speak without having mixed or interrupted signals.
  • Google+ allows for more direct and personal relationships. While Facebook and Twitter start to get cluttered with miscellaneous info, Google Plus info is dominated by quality content that is professional and informational. Consumers like knowledgeable and relevant business owners.
  • Unique functionality of hangouts. As a business on Google + not only can you talk with your customers via text but now you can hold video talk sessions with them that allow them to provide feedback and guidance as to what’s successful and what is not.
  • Potential big impact on search engine page results. Can you really tell me you don’t want more shelf space on search engine page results for FREE? How many times have you said “Google it.” Now multiply that by everyone else in the world, or at least the vast majority, and tell me you don’t want another way to be found on Google.

Have any more Google + tips or marketing specific ideas that you would like discussed, feel free to send me an email, I hope what’s been written provides great insight