Ask the Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Expert – Kevin Dodd


Ask the Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Expert –   Kevin Dodd

Victoria + Albert is passionate about this English cast material made from finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with res­in. It’s a stone rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic. The raw material forms needle like particles when super-heated by the volcano, and when mixed with resins, these bond together creating a very strong web. English cast is incredibly strong en­suring there is no cracking or flexing of the bath. They are hand finished, one piece, beautiful tubs and Victoria + Albert prod­ucts come with a 25 year warranty.

The quality of English cast material give the tubs high insulation properties and stays warm to the touch. The volcanic limestone material has a very glossy finish with excellent stain resistance, is renew­able, and internal scratches simply polish out. Hand finished interiors and exteriors can be painted or personalized after pur­chasing the bath. At Kitchen & Bath Clas­sics, Our Experts® can assist you in your choices of Victoria + Albert bath prod­ucts.

Victoria + Albert have a beautiful selec­tion of modern and traditional free-stand­ing tubs to fit in to your bathroom and also have coordinating basins. These tubs are featured all over the world, like the Presi­dential Suite at the Beverley Hills Hotel or your bathroom spa in your own home.

Freestanding tubs come in two designs, podium and clawfoot. If you’re dreaming about a clawfoot tub, Victoria + Albert have several spacious designs available. The Drayton and the Roxburgh style tubs are both generous tub sizes. The Richmond double ended roll top tub features art deco legs and a more com­pact size. There are several sink designs to match the tub shapes. Depending on the tub design, the legs are available in dif­ferent finishes such as chrome, white and brushed nickel.

If its modern tub designs you want, there are many styles featuring geometric and organic shapes with a podium base. At Kitchen & Bath Classics, Our Ex­perts® appreciate the details that make Victoria + Albert de­signs so unique. The sleek Amalfi, a modern shaped freestanding tub with a raised head rest, ensures a comfortable lounging experience. The IOS, Monzanno and the Edge tubs of­fer modern shapes with clean lines for a stream­lined bathroom. The Monzanno is a beauti­ful minimalist tub with a perfectly curved shape, designed to fit into any bathroom.

The Tombolo contemporary bath rack visu­ally drapes across the tub and is designed with space to set your wine glass or to rest your book to fully complete your spa ex­perience. There are also comfortable and stylish back and head rests available for several of the tubs.

To fill your tub you can use a freestanding faucet, or the Lido or Lido Grande dedi­cated faucet stand which can be used with deck mounted faucets – the easy way to hide all supply pipe work.

Whether your taste is modern or tradition­al, Victoria + Albert have beautiful tubs, sinks and faucets for your bathroom layout to create an elegant, sophisticated spa en­vironment. At Kitchen & Bath Classics, Our Experts® can assist in choosing the perfect tub to fit in to your space.