Ask the Massage Therapy Expert – Dawn Wesloski



Ask the Massage Therapy Expert – Dawn Wesloski


Low back pain is the most common ailment I see in my practice.  The low back region is highly dependent on the surrounding musculature for support and stability.  These core muscles are layered, and go in various directions.  This biomechanical system works together to enable us to move in a multitude of directions, and it can only take one muscle dysfunction to offset the whole system.  Compensating muscles will fatigue faster and be susceptible to overuse.  This can be felt as soreness or a constant ache, and can be mild to severe.  Low back pain can be minor or debilitating, and can make it difficult to get through your day.

How Massage Therapy helps

One of the parts I love about my job is the detective work I get to do.  Every muscle has a specific purpose and is designed to complete it.  Based on a case history, detailed questions and observations, I use training and experience to locate and treat possible problems.  A calming, safe environment enables people to relax.  Soothing touch helps to settle nerve endings and interrupt the pain cycle.  Working the muscle fibers and stretching them out increases circulation to encourage healing and flushing to the entire area.

It does not have to hurt to be effective.  Deep tissue massage needs to be slow and steady. You (the client) control the speed and depth.  If you are holding your breath or tensing up against the pressure, that means it is too deep and can be counter-productive.  Treatment plan, frequency, and maintenance schedule are discussed with you based on your own specific needs.  My goal is to help bring you back and to keep you at a healthier, happier you!