Ask the Granite Expert – Rob Carey


Ask the Granite Expert – Rob Carey

re your countertops stained, lifting at the seams,burn marks, or just outdated? To replace yourlaminate countertops with another laminatecountertop, or to switch to a granite or quartz, theyare going to have to remove your old counters, riskingpossible damage to your cabinets. Now there’s aneasier solution. Granite Transformations has a product that is 95% granite, 5% polymer, and is only1/4” thick, so it can be placed directly over your oldcounters. Your new countertops are fabricated inour shop so that none of the time-consuming messoccurs in your home. On installation day, they bring them finished and ready to install. Your beautifulnew – heat, scratch and stain resistant – countertopsare set in place and permanently bonded to yourold ones. A Granite Transformation to a standard size kitchen countertop and backsplash is typically completed in one day.

Do you have a beautiful backsplash that you want to keep but want your countertops changed? Granite Transformations can scribe right to your tileso you don’t have to worry about damaging it with anydemolition of existing counters.

Busy lifestyle and well used kitchen? Shopping for a countertop to suit your lifestyle? Granite Transformation Surfaces are permanently sealed and non-pourous. The only maintenance needed is a wipe with your dishcloth now and then, and no more running for a coaster when someone has a glass of red wine.

Do you want to add an island or change the configuration of your kitchen slightly? Granite Transformation has finishing carpenters on staff to help make that happen, and a kitchen designer to help you decide on the design. As well as having access to all the Experts on staff, you also have the peace of mind in knowing that you’re dealing with a world wide franchise.

Still have an old brick fireplace that needs updating? Granite Transformations can cover that up too!

This mold and mildew resistant material is also amazing in showers, on vanities or tub surrounds. There is no special maintenance or cleaning with Granite Transformation surface. Installation is incredibly fast as the material is installed over the existing tiles. You get a new look in one or two days.