Ask the Recreational Vehicles Expert – Tom Oakes


Ask the Recreational Vehicles Expert – Tom Oakes

We have reached that time of year when cabin fever begins to supplant that natural inclination to hunker down and wait out the inclement weather.  For us here at Oak Centre RV Mall that means we will see larger numbers of people coming through the door with summer fun, relaxation and family togetherness in mind. Some of these people are here to visit RVceteras, either because of their maintenance regimen or to personalize their rig by adding accessories.  Others however, are here to see Scotty’s RV SOURCE, TCC Truck Camper Canada or TRX RV, ostensibly to rent or purchase a unit and some of these buyers will trade their existing unit in.


Oak Centre RV Mall can do all of these things and more. One opportunity we have to offer buyers is an usual and unique situation with the Canadian vs. US dollar exchange.  Because of our much larger inventory that came across the border when the dollar was stronger, which in turn allows them to go out to you at a significantly lower purchase price.


While one may consider it early in the year to speak for their next (or first) RV, I will address a few points that we hear from those who are shopping but intending to delay pulling the trigger on a new unit till late-spring or early summer.  “We don’t have a place to put it yet.” We offer free storage. “But we’ll lose some warranty.”  Since you need warranty predominantly in the summer, you get your 1 or 2 summers of warranty regardless of whether it starts in March or June. “We don’t wanna make payments till we are using it.” There are always 60 payments on a 5 year loan, whether you start them in March or June, and to wait till June means reduced selection and, those ‘special’ deals are all snapped up by prudent buyers at this time of the year. Tough to miss out on saving thousands buying in June and still make the same 60 payments, just bigger ones.  Hey, the sooner you start those payments the sooner they end.


So, as you can see by my indisputable logic and wise counsel, there is no real reason to wait. I know people will buy now and be extremely happy with their decision just as will people who elect to wait till summer. I also know the ones to move ahead now will choose from a wider selection and save significant dollars in the process.


We have 32 coaches on display in our indoor campgrounds today (as usual) and that puts the fun into shopping when it is still a mite chilly in Saskatchewan.  There is a minor blizzard happening as I write this (Valentines Day) and people from Regina just made a deal with TCC on a new Bigfoot Truck Camper, saying TCC is the only dealer anywhere that stocks new truck campers.  With 50 truck campers comprising 14 lines from 9 manufacturers, Truck Camper Canada is 1 of only 2 dealers in North America who has a selection that rivals what you would see at a trade show or manufacturer’s convention – and those run for 3 days, these inventory levels are here 365 days a year. Come see the Experts®!!!