Ask the Men’s Wear Expert – Drake Houssian


Ask the Men’s Wear Expert – Drake Houssian

How to Dress for your Graduation or your Wedding

With the time of year for Graduations and Wedding fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear for the big day. Generally, this only seems to be thought as a concern for women, but men need to think just as carefully about their fashion choices for the day as women do. A bad suit could ruin your Graduation or Wedding photos for years to come.

At Edward’s Factory Outlet, we are ready for the Graduations and Wedding Season.

We have 1200 Suits in stock (Brand Names from Sean John, Calvin Klein, Life Horsens, S.Cohan and many more).We Have Slim Fit, Modern Suits, Reg Fit, Full Fit.

Dress Shirts All size (Small to 4xlt) all colors and fits to for Graduation or Special Wedding Day,

Accessories- Dress Shoes (Brand Names: Stacey Adams, Nunn Bush, Florsheim, ETC), Big Selection of Ties & Vests, Socks, Suspenders. Cufflinks.

Generally speaking, we have suit to fit ever body shape and height. One size fits all is not the right suit for your special day. Edward’s will make sure your suit is tailored to fit you perfectly.