Ask the Mastectomy Product Expert – Pam and Gary Frigon

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“Guess what happened to me at my appointment today!” This is a true story from one of our favorite clients, who we’ll call Tamara Z. At a routine follow-up visit to her physician’s office as part of her breast cancer treatment plan, Tamara was especially excited. She had just received her new Lisa B Originals prostheses and found the perfect bras at her favorite lingerie shop. Tamara had become very friendly with the nurses and office staff at the clinic and was eager to show them her new look. So four of them snuck into a vacant examining room, where Tamara promptly removed her new prostheses for a closer look by the staff. “OMG! Health meets Hollywood!” was the first reply. Tamara’s response to us about this experience says it all: “If you can have something that you can be excited about after all that you’ve gone through, it makes you feel so much better as a woman!”

That is precisely what we strive to give to our Lisa B Clients. Products that are exciting in appearance, comfortable to wear, and practical in their functionality. Products that help our clients to find a new “normal”, feel feminine and confident inside and out. Products that provide new choices.