Ask the Compounding Expert – Andrew Gilbertson

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How can a Compounding Pharmacy help me?

Do I have trouble taking my medications? My child has a heart condition – why doesn’t his medication already come in a liquid? My cat is on prescription medication but won’t let us near her with a pill – can you help? I need to take 5/8’s of a tablet – how can I do that?

These are all scenarios where a compounding pharmacy like Hill Ave Drugs can help. Every day we are preparing custom medications based on our patient’s individual needs. Compounding lends itself well to children with chronic conditions where tablets are the only alternative – we then research a formula for a liquid. We can compound for those that require special medication alternatives due to an inability to swallow easily or tube feeding. Many cat medications can be dosed in a gel that is rubbed into their ear. And yes we can reformulate many tablets into fractions of the original strength by compounding capsules to get the exact dose that you require. Compounding at Hill Ave Drugs allows us many opportunities to assist those with medication challenges.

Just “Ask the Experts®” if we can help.

Our compounding staff has all taken additional training to help solve problems that occur when there are gaps in what is available from manufacturers.   These gaps can occur when a medication is not available in the correct form for the patient, such as a liquid for a child when pills are only available. Gaps can be drug shortages from manufacturers – in many cases we have been able to compound an equivalent medication when these shortages occur. Another gap is when a manufacturer discontinues a product – in some cases we can still access the ingredients to compound these important medications for our patients.

I think I could benefit from compounded medication – where do I start? Firstly, we need to have a prescription from your doctor.   We will gladly contact your physician to discuss alternatives and decide if a compounded medication is best for you. Then we need to look at any special requirements you have as a patient. Does it need to be a liquid? Do you have any intolerance to fillers such as gluten, lactose or corn products? Once we have taken your needs into consideration we will then prepare our medication exactly for you.

Feel free to call Andrew, Janice, Gavin or Michaeline at Hill Ave Drugs to discuss if we can help you solve any of your medication challenges.