Ask the Central Vacuum Expert – Wayne Freeland

central vacuums

You cannot control the amount or frequency that dust enters and collects in your home. You can, however, control how and where you remove it!

Most portable and some built-in vacuums do not because of ineffective filtering systems.

DYNOVAC’s unique cyclonic air separator does the job it’s supposed to do. It takes the find dust, germ-laden air, even odors and ships them outside where they belong.

DYNOVAC uses no bags or dust collecting filters which brings me to an important question. If you are buying a built-in system for your home- why would you still play around in the dirt changing bags and cleaning expensive filters?

Isn’t one of the reasons you are considering a built-in one of convenience? Wouldn’t you like to have one installed and not have to worry about buying bags or cleaning filters?

Take a good look at what is on the market before you make the bog plunge. After all this should be a once-in-a-life-time purchase!

Besides being an Albertan made product, DYNOVAC’s guarantee is second to none. DYNOVAC people are proud of what they sell and stand behind it as guarantee proves!