Ask the Mastectomy Product Expert – Garry Frigon & Pam Frigon

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Oh joy … This month’s to-do list might include the following unpleasant chores:

1)  install winter tires on vehicle

2)  store summer furniture

3)  get ready for tax season

4)  replace old breast prosthesis.

But wait! Go ahead and move

Item 4 to your fun list!

Solutions for prosthesis needs for the past 50 plus years have been, at the most, practical. Lisa B Originals brings exciting options as you shop for beautiful, sexy lingerie and swim wear like you did before surgery! Our 100% silicone breast prostheses look and feel natural. Wear them with your favorite “regular” lingerie, and swim with no worries. Say goodbye to those heavy sacs of gel. Bring new excitement to your wardrobe with a Lisa B Originals product designed with you in mind!


Our Saskatchewan Dealers

PrimaDeanna Boutique

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Serendipity Bra Boutique

#6–150, 32nd Street W.,

Prince Albert; 306-764-3348