Ask the Central Vacuum Experts – Wayne Freeland

central vacuums

Since a vacuum is an essential home appliance, it’s not deciding whether you need one that is the challenge, but more what type of vacuum is best for your particular need. Come and talk to us and we can help you make the right decision.

Central Vacuums

  • A central vacuum system can cost less
    than a high-end moveable vacuum.
  • With central vacuums, you only carry
    a lightweight hose and power brush
    unit around the house
  • Where you put the inlets is up to you.
  • Central vacuum bags and canisters
    only need to be emptied an average of
    once every three months.

Commercial Vacuums

How to choose a Commercial Vacuum

  1. Examine your needs
  2. Choose a motor size
  3. Take weight into account
  4. Made a decision about filters
  5. What speed range is important
  6. Research on different brands
  7. Test vacuums for ease of use
  8. Ask about warranty(manufacturer and